Quality Standards

Our factories comply with HACCP standards, which is the international standard for food safety. All the raw materials and finished goods also have to pass the quality standard before reaching the market. What this means for you the end customer, is that you can blindly enjoy our products without any worries!


What about the nutritional values?

Medium Fat Ice Cream Nutritional Value (Only Vanilla Based)

Nutritional Information

Energy (kcal)
Protein (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
Added sugar (g)
Total fat (g)

Appr. per 100gms



What is Ice cream and what is frozen dessert?

In India according to the erstwhile PFA act and the current FSSAI, Ice cream can be made only with butter fat while frozen dessert is made with vegetable oil. This is the main difference. In India, butter fats are used in sweet manufacturing, while vegetable oil is used in day to day cooking. Hence both sources of fat are well accepted by the Indian palette. However, it is also pertinent to note that in many foreign countries products made from vegetable oil is called ice cream and not vice versa.